In 1997, Andrew Hookey was drawn from his native England by the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the pristine open space of Canada, and a girl. He married the girl (and the mountains) and decided to stay.

Always fit and active, he discovered Yoga and quickly embraced the physical and mental challenge of the discipline. He’d like to say that everything he learned about Yoga, he learned from his many cats. But in truth, he is quick to credit the inspired mentorship of Melisa and Maggie Kavanagh.

In December 2007, Andrew completed his 500 hour, 2 year teacher training and Yoga philosophy studies certification through the South Okanagan Yoga Association (SOYA). Andrew also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics and a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and Space engineering. Back here on earth, Yoga Haven, Calgary is his teaching home.