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Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced in India for over 3000 years – it is a time-tested approach to healing that views the body as a whole and works to bring all systems of the body into balance. It uses personalized diets, nutritional counseling, herbal formulas, yoga, and relaxation techniques to correct imbalances that manifest as disease and discomfort in the body. By determining a person’s “dosha” or constitution, Ayurvedic medicine can prescribe remedies that resume that person to a balanced state.

Ayurvedic medicine is especially effective for treating a variety of conditions, including;
digestive issues
immune system function
skin and hair disorders
weight loss and management
sexual and reproductive issues
and more!


2-hour Consultation
$ 120.00 + GST
5 class package including intial consultation
$ 520.00 + GS

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