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    Yoga – the union of the self.  It is an ancient Indian tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years. Through a series of asana’s (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation, and Relaxation, Yoga for Children is fun way for one to connect, explore and be inspired by their true inner Self. Yoga for Children can help:

    Build self-esteem and confidence

    Express creativity and imagination

    Increase concentration

    Maintain flexibility

    Raise inner awareness

    Develop awareness of others, and the environment

    Develop a strong healthy mind, body & spirit

    Yoga for Children inspires one to express their creativity through Yoga postures, creative activities and social interaction. The teens utilize their imagination exploring the sounds found in music, listen to the legends of ancient times that help develop a deeper awareness of their  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Let us connect, explore and be inspired by our own true nature, the Self.



    July 8 – 11    1pm – 4pm  Ages 3-9 (children)  $126 incld GST

    August 6-9  1pm – 4pm  Ages 9-12 (Tweens)  $126 incld GST

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