Enhance your experience this Summer

To enhance your experience this Summer there are three key tips to improve your “Asana” (postures) here at the Yoga Haven;

1. Drink Water

Water is essential in the transportation of nutrients including oxygen through the body, helps to regulate body temperature, lubricate the joints and flushes toxins from vital organs. Our muscles are about 75% water. To gain the most out of a practice we want to ensure we have consumed an adequate amount of water. Water guideline; take your body weight in pounds divide this in half to equal the amount of ounces you should consume each day (this is just a guideline).

We have water available at the studio…go eco…bring in your water bottle for class and fill it up!

2. Set an Intention

Be clear on why you want to come to class. It may be for weight loss, to stretch, relax or to energize your body? The list is open, make the intention suit your individual needs. Verbalize this to your instructor, we are here to support you with this intention in mind.

3. Honor Your Body

Most importantly work at your own pace. Choose a level of class that will give you the opportunity to challenge your body with mindfulness, and go for it! Wear comfortable form fitted clothing that will allow for free movement of the joints and muscles. Feel your pose without having to worry about adjusting uncomfortable material caught in the folds and bends of the joints. The idea is to enjoy your practice and bring in a sense of calm.

Contact us today to confirm your registration (403) 225-0580.

Please Note: Tuesday Gentle Class 1:15-2:45pm has been removed from our Summer Schedule.

See you this Summer!